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::::::::: Its My LifE :::::::::

this blog is about what i think and feel...the absurdities and the not so common-sense...it all comes directly from the heart

the lesson......


well thinks have not really been rosy for me during the past week, one, its my exams and next, a lot of other stuff happened..........had decided not to write about it, but owe this to my other blog friends who have a right to know and some of whom have also demanded for the story.

all the regular visitors to my blog know that i am looking for a new place to stay, since my mba is getting over and since am placed with ibcs ltd. in kolkata so will have to find a place to shift.

so did a lot of research, contacted a lot of people, saw a lot of houses both on rent and pg........meaning spent a lot of time and money and that too during exam time, i would spend the whole hot and humid afternoon going to different places, tagging my friends along with me, and after getting totally tired sit down to study at night.........beleive me, it was really tough for me.......got a heat stroke twice during that period.

finally after a lot of searching found the perfect pg accommodation, in a posh area, easily accessible by any means of transport, good people, everything........
when this girl, bnm, came along........she is like the outcast of our college, no one likes her and no one wants her, she begged me that i let her stay with me cause she had no where to go, i pittied on her and on humanitarian grounds, welcomed her with open arms...........and beleive thats the most foolish thing i have ever done.

well the next day signed the contract and came back, had just sat down to study since had a very imp. finance paper the next day, when she comes and gives me the news that she will not stay with me as her lgs have seen the place and dont find it safe, i demanded a valid reason on which she said that 15yrs. ago a girl was raped and murdered some 20 minutes walk from that place...........insane, yeah thats what i thought she and her local guardian were.........

anyways had no other option, i told her that she would have to repay me for any loss i will have to incur because of her indecisiveness.........at this her mom, dad, lg all started giving me a call, telling me all that bull-shit that i was like their daughter and they are thinking in my best interest............beleive me i just wanted to shout out rudly at them, but my values did not allow me to do so...........i finally gave the owner a call and after a long talk and convincing he agreed to return the complete money......so was a little happy and dissappointed, that though i lost a home at least did not loose my money......i informed her about it too.......had missed my dinner, could not study anything, and had a very disturbed sleep that night

anyways, after the exam got over at 5pm the next day, my dad gave me a call, i was so pissed off to know that her mom had callled my dad to tell him this whole incident, despite the fact that i had told this woman not to contact my parents, as whatever the thing was i would tell my parents on my own..........i was fuming with anger, anyways had to go to the pg place to get back the money, i took a friend along with me and refused to go with the girl with her lg in his car.......i just needed some time to get over my anger, so reached there by takinga bus.....

after reaching their, the owner just started shouting at me using abusive words, i was shocked......what the hell had happened now, the thing was that, the girl had called him up using my name and had abused him and challenged him that she could pull him to court regarding the issue and that he did not know who her dad/relatives were.......i wanted to slap the girl right there in front of everyone for being such a *****, but again my sanskar came in between............the owner banged the door on our faces and told us he would not return even a single cent....

now after this her sanki lg pulled me to the police station, beleive me this was my first visit to one, i was finding the whole situation so wierd and funny that by now all my anger vanished.......the police guy called up the owner who after putting his side of the story forward agreed to pay the deposit amount and pay the rest of the amount if he finds a new renter or else forget about the amount..........well forget........thats what i have done to 3000rs.

now for the readers this might be a small amount, but for me being a student and with all the harrasment and tension, its a really big amount.
and then later the ***** had the nerves to come to me and ask me to pay her for her share of money, by looking for a new partner..........insane, thats the only word which can best fit her.

whatever happened this is just a jist of it all, i cannot possibly in words put in all the tension, anger, frustration, annoyance, pain.........

and then it started all over again, the phone calls, the visits.........life is pretty tough.........

but now i have a suggestion for all, this lesson is given my friend to me:
"nevar trust anyone,
never expect anythinh from anyone"



Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow,
Sometimes we must fail in order to know,
Sometimes we must lose in order to gain
Coz sum lessons in life are best learned through pain.



today i lost 4GB worth of songs from my hard-disk..........that too during exam time, i just cant beleive it!!!!!!

i dont even know how and when it happened..........but one things for sure, today i lost nearly 5 years worth of work, endless hours of sorting out songs, putting them into different folders, collecting songs from different sources.................i just cant beleive it!!!!!

the two possibilities r that either i lost my mind and deleted the folder.........which i am sure is not the case, or someone who was using my comp. deleted it...........and unfortunately i even know the person who did it.

now the thing is that, i have decided to keep my cool and just not say anything, but that is turning out to be really difficult..........just hope i can stay this way.

but one things for sure, this is by far the greatest loss i've had regarding my comp.........i just cant beleive it!!!!!!!!!!!

crazy world


This is my 50th post and everyone around me seems to have gone Crazy

its exam time again, and everyone around me seems to have lost it……..

the exams start from tomorrow and will last till 24th……long time for 8 subjects, but in a way its good for people like me who have not studied in advance.

in the meantime am hunting for a good place to stay, since will have to vacate the hostel by 30th, so lot of work needs to be done with very less time in hand.....

So will be away for sometime, though its hard to stay away from the comp., blogging has already become my passion

See u all……

!!!! Birthday Snaps !!!!


the viva on 28th was relatively good considering the fact that the director was sitting with me and the teachers were also seriously asking their questions, the enviornment was relatively tense but i faired nicely.......just couldnt answer one question, that too of my favourite prof..have planned to apologize to him later on..............
then we went to our favourite place to hang out for my birthdy treat--Tandoori Darbar--the food as usual was amazing, and as usual we all had ordered more than we could eat, but this time we got the extra, untouched stuff packed and gave it to one of the beggars just outside the restaurant...........so all in all it was a nice evening, except for the kolkata heat with a tarka of humidity is really getting bad.
this is me..........b'day ka joosh hai

the cake..........yummyyy
the gang.......clockwise....Rajesh(guy in grey t-shirt), Poonam, Joydeep, Sanjeev, Santosh and Me.

masti ka hai samma.........Me, Santosh, Poonam, Joydeep........Rajesh was taking this snap, while Sanjeev had already left to study

Shit Happens


i first heard this quote in Tom Hank's movie......Forrest Gump.

and from that day onwards i have truly come to beleive that shit does happen, unexpectadly, out of the blue, it just comes and hits you with the force of a meteor, uprooting you from your ground, shaking all beleifs you have in god or eternity...........

but then should we let these things shake us till the depths of our soul..................NO, NO, NEVER.

no one or nothing can be given the power to take control over our emotions, our beleif, our strength, our will to fight it all...........cause nothing is in this world which cant be defeated, nothing is impossible, ever.

it maybe a setback, but i know we all have the will to fight it and rub it to dust, a strength that will make the enemy feel he were better be dead than live the consequences that await the wrongdoers................and above all there is god............who always gives his verdict.............maybe sometimes a little late but it never fails to come.

so shit does happen, but it has a message, a lesson to be learnt................if 16 people can come out "alive" from the alps after 72 days without food or water, if apollo 13 can make a safe landing back on earth....................then what the hell................everything can be conquered, everything.

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  • I'm Nidhi
  • From India
  • throughout i have realised that i usually have a different(lateral) opinion about things, this is i guess what makes me who I am....i love my family and my close group of friends and try to spend as much time with them as i can....i cant hold any grudges against anyone and the word anger comes last in my dictionary....i aspire to do something different in my life....though i have not yet figured it out too well...
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