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::::::::: Its My LifE :::::::::

this blog is about what i think and feel...the absurdities and the not so common-sense...it all comes directly from the heart

P.S. I Love You


yeah i know the three magical words everyone wants to hear....but right now am talking about the book by Cecilia Ahern...

well this is probably the best book written on love (i guess i can make such a stat. as have read quite a few books to be able to tell the best from the good)...and yeah the book is so well written that the author actually takes u on a ride with her..i ended up laughing, crying, longing, nervous, sad, releived, cold, desperate...all of those along with Holly(the main lead).....i would be lying if i said that i did not get a headache after reading the book, well i was on journey of a woman which spanned over 30yrs of her life and i rushed through it in about 7 hrs...i should have seen it coming...so u see that the book is just so well written that once u start u kind of get hooked on to it..

to quote something from the book "some people travel their whole lifes hoping to find their soul mates, and never find one, some find their soul mates but end up losing them too early to death"....is it fair

just thinking of it....u love someone very dearly, they r u, u see nothing beyond or above them, your whole live revolves around them....and suddenly that person is no longer with u, how do u deal with it, do u buy a reference book for widows, when do u open the ring from your finger, when do start smiling again, when do start going out-not being reminded of what earlier was, when do u get over it and move on....and yes what exactly does moving-on mean....

anyways the book acts as a mantra for people who sadly r facing the same or similar situation, and even for those who fear that something like it might happen to them in the future....or even for those who might want to take it as a learning....for u never know when u might end up losing the most precious thing in your life, so just go ahead and love with your whole heart, for u might not get a second chance....

ना जाने ...


ना जाने किस की तलाश, ना जाने किस की आस
ना जाने कौन, ना जाने कहाँ
ना जाने किस ओर, ना जाने किस मोर
ना जाने कब
ना जाने ...

ना जाने यह तलाश जायज़ भी है या नही
क्यूँ धुंध रही है तुझे यह नज़र, हर जगह हर किसी में
क्यूँ मैं पार नही देख पति किसी के
क्यूँ तलशती रहती है यह नाज़र हर जगह, हर किसी में
सिर्फ़ ओर सिर्फ़ तुझे....

कौन हो तुम मेरे
यह मुझे क्यों पता नही
शायद तुम ही हो, जो बसे हो मेरे दिलो-जिगर में

तुम हो कौन...एक आस, अहसास, या सिर्फ़ मेरा वहम
ना जाने, ना जाने....

my colleague Puja told me that i always hum this song when i am deep in my thoughts or am doing some work, or whenever i get time....and that is done quite unknowingly by me....so thought of putting in with this post.

chaand ke paar..


chalo dil dar chalo
chand ke paar chalo

little must have the poet understood the meaning this word has in todays world...

i was star-gazing yesterday (my favourite hobby)when i had this thought that is it not possible that some other being in some other planet or universe might be having the same hobby, and doing the exactly samething right now...impossible, i dont think so...

this led me to reading some stuff on the net about parallel universe, multiverse, albert einstien's theory of everything, string theory, the big bang theory, super gravity, how we actually live in a three dimentional world - but then string theory says there are actually 10 dimentions and later super gravity says there are 11 dimentions (time being one dimention - leading to parallel universe concept)..and how quantum physicsts have been trying to prove the same for a long time now...wow!!! ain't there so much more going around in this world and beyond....

there are actually many parts to this bbc made you-tube documentry about parallel universe, but this part is the best one...

anyways have read too much on this topic, now its time to go back to my star-gazing, but this time will make it a point to wave back, who knows someone out there might be watching down on me...

Ghajini.....4 a happy new year


ghajini is probably one of the best movies made in recent times....a true balance of innocent love, the revenge of a lover who has lost his beloved, the struggles of a fighter (aamir actually rises from the dead), the fall of evil.....another example of aamir khans midas touch....yes, he has struck gold again...

the best scene i guess is when aamir is tied to a chair with ropes and he frees himself from it (brings back memories of HULK)....eight pack abs yes....its a reality....bye, bye six packs.....and the most touching scene, when "kalpana" sells her ambassador to give aamir financial support....totally unexpected and totally touching...

(kab mujhe tum milo ge)

the movie was great, but the realisation was greater....sipping a cup of coffee after the movie i wondered, how would it feel to find true love, to love someone so bad that you can not see anything beyond, before or after....that u feel the luckiest in the world....love pure love.....and then you loose it.....ohh, i am not ashamed to write that i cried really bad when aamir cries out for her, yes the heart-break of losing someone...
so was he wrong in avenging his love....NO, no ,no.....probably i would have done the same thing, probably anyone would do the same thing....but then again isn't real life diffrent from reel life.....sad

a beautiful poem


सही है कि तुम चले गये, दूर अब मुझसे हो गये
इतने वक़्त से भी कहाँ करीब थे, पर अब फाँसले सदा के लिए हो गये
बात करने का तुमसे मन नहीं, कोई जवाब तुम्हारे खयाल का देना नहीं
ना तुमसे कोई रिश्ता, ना अब कोई और चाह रही
काश की तुम बीते दिनों से भी मिट जाओ, तुम्हारी यादें इस कोहरे में कहीं गुम जायें
काश कि तुम्हारा नाम मुझे फिर याद न आये, ये याद रहे कि तुम मेरे कोई नहीं
जो हो तुम मेरे कोई नहीं तो फिर भी क्यूं याद करती हूँ ये कह कर कि तुम मेरे 'कोई नही'
चले जाओ तुम मेरे शब्दों से, ख्यालों से, इस वक्ये के बाद तो तुम जा चुके हो मेरे सपनों से भी
नाम लेते ही साँसों में अब भी हलचल सी क्यूँ होती है
क्यूँ किसी बात की आशा अब भी रहती है
हाथों से तुम्हें छिटकना चाहती हूँ फिर भी एहसास छूटता क्यूँ नहीं
चलते हुये गिरती हूँ तो आज भी क्यूँ तुम्हारा हाथ बढा देना याद आता है
ये दिन - यह वाक्या बीता है तो फिर इसी तरह ज़िन्दगी आगे भी बढ जायेगी
तुम्हारा तो पता नहीं, मुझे 'बूढे हो जाने पर ये-वो होगा' - वाली बातें याद आयेगीं
चाहती हूँ इस सबके बाद भी तुमसे कभी मुलाकात ना हो
सामना करने की हिम्मत जो खो बैठी हूँ
सूरत-सीरत, अन्दाज़ और तलफ्फुज़् सब बदल गये हैं
बहुत डर लगता है अपने इस बद्ले हुए रूप से
काफी चीज़े छोड आयीं हूँ पीछे
वो तभी के लिये सही थी
अब तो उन्हें साथ लिये ज़िन्दगी जीना भी कठिन है
खुश रहो तुम सदा, बहुत बडे बनो
ज़िन्दगी का हर मकाम तुम्हें हासिल हो, ये तमन्ना है मेरी
बस तुमसे सामना ना हो फिर कभी, ये ख्वाहिश बाकी रहेगी

poem taken from rohits blog.....truly heart touching

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