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::::::::: Its My LifE :::::::::

this blog is about what i think and feel...the absurdities and the not so common-sense...it all comes directly from the heart

The FeMale chauvinistic Society

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Where is the world going to….we always talk about equality – equal rights for males and females, but what is the reality, care to think about that…

Are Women so driven by the male chauvinism that–

· they spend most of the time wondering if they are looking good,
· spend tons of money at the beauty parlours , undergoing torturous waxing and hair plucking sessions, lie blinded by cucumber on their eyes - with some absurdity on their faces, only hoping to come out looking better when they wash out the absurdity
· practically starving themselves to death
· avoid going out in the sun – or they may loose their complexion – cant enjoy any outdoor games in the bargain
· are miles away from sweets or chocolates- the best thing human-race has ever created
· spend so much of time and money on buying clothes, purses, shoes, nail polish, make-up stuff, diet food, fruits, vitamin tablets, junk jewellery…..
· go for dinners but hardly eat anything
· the list goes on and on….

But then one may ask, who is forcing them to undergo the above……they are free to eat anything, look the way they want to look like, wear what they want, laugh out loud and not always give the sheepish lady-like smile, dance like crazy at parties – not bothering what anyone is saying or looking at you with disdain…..

The truth is a woman’s biggest dictator, competition, threat is another woman – and a woman is always competing against other women…..males chauvinism come second…..a woman is always trying to out-do another woman

· oh she has the latest collection of clothing….why not me
· oh she got a new hair-cut and people are complementing her…..why not me
· oh she looks so great, slim and perfect…..why not me, even if I have to starve myself to get there
· oh she has a new bag / shoes / watch / …..why not me
· oh she is friends with this dude…why not me – if not the same guy, then someone close to him
· oh she visits this famous parlour……why not me
· oh she drives this car…..why not me – or probably a better model
· oh she goes for dinner to this place – why not me
· oh she hangs out at this happening disc – why not me
· the list again goes on and on…..with all woman ending up as perfect clones of each other

And those who do not get in this race / constant competition, are left out – they are lost in the flood of other faces……their existence is ignored, they are there to do the dirty work, outcast by their own clan, male colleagues avoid hanging-out with the non-happening women team members……
So what kind of a life does a woman really want to live – be the complete woman, connect to the her inner child, or the past when curves were considered to be the bench-mark of beauty, when eating with family and friends was the norm, when a man fell in love with a woman’s soul and not her skin, when a woman’s uniqueness was her biggest asset, when luxury and necessity were very clearly differentiated…….

I don’t know……cause I want to belong to the second type……but don’t know if I am allowed to do that……

3 Responses to “The FeMale chauvinistic Society”

  1. Anonymous Rajesh Rana   

    Balance is the key.....

    it's okay to try to look good.... beautiful.... take care of self.. exercise to tone muscle.... etc etc

    but the problem arises when people make it a religion... take it out doing others..... they don't want to look healthy and beautiful but they want to look more beautiful than others... and while doing that they break their most precious part of body "the heart"......

    words are very powerful.. just by reading following words creates lots of tremors under my skin then think about people who carry them 24x7

    jealousy, envy, exasperation, fretfulness, frustration, heartburn,indisposition, irritation, lamentation, malcontentment, querulousness, regret, resentment,weariness, antagonism, distrust, dubiety, misgiving, mistrust, nonbelief, sneaking suspicion, supposition, surmise, backbiting, begrudging, covetousness, enviousness, evil eye, green-eyed monster, grudge, grudgingness, jaundiced eye, resentfulness, resentment.

    I guess it's the lack of family guidance and change in social life style....

  2. Blogger Nidhi Narayan   

    very right.....its the heart...

  3. Blogger उन्मुक्त   

    मैं तो यहां कुछ हिन्दी का पढ़ने आया था :-(


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