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::::::::: Its My LifE :::::::::

this blog is about what i think and feel...the absurdities and the not so common-sense...it all comes directly from the heart

To Dad-Mom with Love


आप अपने माँ-बाप से कितना प्यार करतें हैं???

I am not much of a party person, but then some invitations are really difficult to turn-down.....u know those stupid society talks, smile when u dont want to, listen to all the garbage people have to say, etc, etc....but then as i said earlier sometimes somethings are inevitable....so the other day i had gone out for a dinner with 6 other people.
it all started out with the usual....so whats new going on, then we touched on the latest fad "slumdog millionaire", politics, fashion, how abhishekh looked the total loser in his latest flick, plans on seeing ash in the pink panther....and then as usual the talk turned about things on the personal front...i was casually chatting with my neighbour, a seemingly successful guy, good to work with and talk to, happily married or single i dont know nor do i care, but then i respect him for his sharp wit and alertness on the job front......
when suddenly he says "my life has become hell at home because of my parents"....
all i say to this is "sorry", casuse i'm not sure that i am the right person to whom such talk should be directed towards.
then this guy tells him how his parents interfere in his decisions, they have a problem with his friends, his going home late at night after the parties, him talking to his girlfriend, what he buys, his savings, practically about everything....i tell him that probably he is going wrong somewhere and he should listen to their advice, afterall they are more experienced in life and shall always think of his good.
that was something he was not hoping to hear from me, he pulled back his chair and told me things, things i felt ashamed to hear coming out from an educated guy, belonging to the affluent society, etc.....he told me
* that his parents were his biggest liability
* he was planning to dump them in an old-age home before his marriage
* how they had been unable to leave him a good fortune
* why they didnt leave him alone
* how irritating it was to have old people around him
* how he felt ashamed to walk with them in the market

i was practically left speechless, i rather wanted to slap him right across his face, and tell him what an un-grateful b*****d he was, disowning his own parents who had probably remained hungry so that he could eat and enjoy the worldly pleasures, who had sacrificed their own happiness and probably their souls so that he could be happy and after doing so much is this what they deserve.....but before i could say anything, before i could overcome my saddness and grief i was surprised to hear more people voicing the same feelings....i was left speechless and felt unable to share the table with such people, i excused myself and left early...

on my way home i was thinking to myself...
how can one stop loving your parents, they r not things to be used and thrown away later, our parents are who we r
.......i dont know if i can write it all down what i felt on the 20min. ride back to home....on reaching home i gave a call to my dad and told him about the entire incident, papa had probably understood that i was hurt by the happenings of the evening and explained to me how the people in our society had changed to become more selfish and self-centred, losing respect for their elders, their own parents, how things would become worse.....but i should never doubt it once that he shall always be there for me even-when i shall turn my back to him.....that phrase bought me to tears and i told him how could he even think that i would ever do such a thing to him or mom or to my future family....he then consoled me and told me to be happy and not get pulled into the dirty society where everything that shines is not always gold....
yes dad i understand that even better now....i remembered a line i had read somewhere long back, "parents are someone we never get back once we loose them" and yet people fail to appreciate the biggest treasure they have, aern't the social animals the biggest bunch of losers...

pa-ma this is for u..

याद है मुझे वोह बचपन
याद है मुझे वोह मेरे रूठना और आपका मनाना
याद है मुझे वोह आपका रोज सुबह मुझे नींद से जगाना
और रात को लोरी गा के सुलाना

याद है मुझे माँ का मेरे लिए तोहफा खरीदना
और खुद के लिए कुछ लेना भूल जाना
याद है मुझे वोह हसी और खिल-खिलाना
आप की गोद में सर रख कर सो जाना

याद है मुझे आपका डाटना
सही और गलत का ज्ञान बाटना

i know people say i have grown up
but i love u none the same
i want u to be there, to be my strength and my guiding light
to let me know the right from the wrong
i want u to be there to hear the voice which comes out from the depth of my soul
that i love u mom and dad
i might not say it that often, but then everything needn't be said all the time....

For whose "Namesake"


The Namesake.....one movie i had failed to see a long time back, but which i finally did....but then felt that it had nothing new or great about it, it was the same old...old parents, lots of hopes from their son, son ditches them-goes away with firangi, parents sad all the time-miss him a lot, dad dies, son finally realises he was wrong in what he did, comes back to his family....

the same story repeats itself......why do people have to die or go away so that people can realize what they had meant to them, why do people miss others only when they know that its no way that those lost shall ever come back, why does one wait for so long that when u finally realise that u were wrong, theres no one left to listen to your "sorry".

i think that we live in a great world, fortunate enough to be humans, fortunate enough to have family and friends, people who really matter to us.....and then with time and circumstances we are torn apart from our loved ones, live in different cities so far away, takes 2-3 days to reach by train, and the distance is further stretched because we fail to make a simple phone call just to say Hi!! to people who really matter, to say i miss u, i love u.....to just listen to the voice of people who really matter.
but then its not only people who r far away, it also applies to people who r near u, we argue, have cold wars....but why??? r arguments a part of todays life, probably a way to vent out our so called frustrations due to the modern life-style, or probably its just become a style quotient.....whatever, but its very true that we argue, have cold wars....and so often fail to say the one golden word "sorry", just patch up, share a smile, kiss and make up....

imagine a scenario that u had a big argument with someone u love and u rush out of home without saying a word, cursing the other and going away.....by evening when u r no longer angry, realise that the argument was useless and pointless, which could be easily avoided, and r on your way home to say sorry with a smile on your face....u r about to enter the house, u see an ambulance outside, and r informed that the other person had a major accident and could not be saved.......what then.....whom do u say sorry to, do u blame yourself for everything.....what do u do then
"शायद यही प्रॉब्लम है, जो पास है उसे हम नही पहचानते
और जब वोह दूर हो जाए तो उसे भुला नही पाते"

" 100th post "


today i feel proud......proud that i have suceeded in writing 100 articles, which as my blog heading says, "comes right from the heart".
a journey which started on sep'05, thanks to my nerd friend rajesh, has many miles to go, i have no doubt about it....i started writing when i was in college and today as things have changed very much, i feel proud again that the nidhi who started writing here is still the same grounded and overtly emotional person she was....hahaha

Today i also want to write about something new....i recently saw Dasvidania (an amazing movie it was), and being inspired by it i want to write down somethings i want to do before i die....and what i write today, i want to compare them with what i shall feel about the same probably 10, 20 and 50 years after.....though i hope to achieve most of what i write today....

* i want to travel the world, first i shall try to conquer India and then voyage beyond,my first stop being Venice my love
* i want to work in a BPO.....call it the after effects of watching salmans Hello or reading chetan bhagats, one night at a call centre.....i want to experience that life once
* i want to learn the guitar, its been 5 yrs now that i have it with me, gifted by jiju on my b'day, but never found the time or probably the dedication to learn it
* i want to open an NGO, to be able to contribute to the development of the society
* i want to go scuba-diving, bungy-jumping, para-gliding, white water river-rafting and other kind of crazy adventure sports
* i want to always be there for my family and friends, never let them down when they need me, make my family proud of me, love and respect them always
* i want to fall in love with someone, very deeply and passionately, a love which shall stand the test of time and all good and bad which come along the way
* i want to die not very old and in the arms of the man i love!!
* i want to write a book

thats all which comes to mind.....but am leaving an open-ended list, to be able to add on as thoughts come up.

My Tribute this Valentine


its again that time of the year, when roses are exchanged, ones love towards the other is proclaimed, framed and presented - to be accepted or not is a different issue all-together, when hard-liners get to the streets, causing a nuisance for all, yet unable to stop the flow of love in the air....

on this day love is everywhere - radio, television, newspapers, chaiwalas, puchkawalas, abandoned buildings, sea-shores, hotels, dhabas.....everywhere.....so why take the trouble at all to subside it, isnt india the home of kahjuraho and ajanta-ellora, aernt we proud of the kamasutra, a country so rich and vocal on issues like love and sex....why take the banner and shame ourselves of the present, past and the future to come....

anyways unfortunately this 14th is like any other 14th of the year for me.....with no one to call me, no sms, no flowers, no dinners, no gifts, nothing.....cause i havent found the right guy who would do all the above for me.....its not that i am desperate for any of it, with roughly another 70 odd years left of my life, i am waiting for the guy who would do the above for me atleast 70 times and may the tradition never change hands

so as i proclaim to be a happy single(waiting for the right guy ofcourse-to be my valentine for the next 70 years), wishing all the lucky ones "A very Happy Valentine day"

ऐसा लगता है की तुम कहीं तो हो
भले ही दूर हो अभी मगर
कभी तो पास होगे मेरे
दिल का दरवाज़ा खुला रखा है मैंने
दबे पैर ही सही कभी चले आना
चुपके से आके इस दिल में बॉस जाना
७० साल का सफर पुरा करना है हमे
धैर्य से, आराम से, तुम चले आना
दिल का दरवाज़ा खुला रखा है मैंने
धीरे से आके तुम इस दिल में बस जाना

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  • I'm Nidhi
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  • throughout i have realised that i usually have a different(lateral) opinion about things, this is i guess what makes me who I am....i love my family and my close group of friends and try to spend as much time with them as i can....i cant hold any grudges against anyone and the word anger comes last in my dictionary....i aspire to do something different in my life....though i have not yet figured it out too well...
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