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::::::::: Its My LifE :::::::::

this blog is about what i think and feel...the absurdities and the not so common-sense...it all comes directly from the heart

the week that was


this week i had the opportunity to meet someone special....technically shes my boss....but what a week it was....
wont write her name or put any pics, cause she doesnt like any internet presence...

anyways what is it about people which attracts us to them - its different for different people of course....but for me its:
*easy to go
*easy to spend time with
*just the feel good feeling of being in someones company

now this lady had all of it....so naturally anyone whould like her company...only one issue though was that, since this was her first time in India she was a little scared of the organized chaos here :-)
no worries though - next time i guess she will be more open to see the real India...hopefully i too will start driving by then....sounds exciting

so in all it was a week well spent....i would love to be buddies with her...but then she's my boss, from singapore....though i would love to, its really hard to find one like her....
as i sit on my train berth, on my way to jamshedpur to meet my parents, busy bloggig on my mobile, with the soft humming of the engine in my ears....i think about the week that was....


Move On...


Yes that we all need to do....just move on...

Be it me, be it u or be it the Ayodhya issue...

The more we hang on to something for long, we loose the flavour of it...and what remains is the sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in...

So just move on...nothing stops, the days become months and years, then decades....and by the time you realize what it was that you have held on for so long...was probably never worth it or never good enough to be true....making sense??

So today when the courts were passing the judgment i was sitting in my favourite place - the terrace - and clicked this beautiful pic...a clear blue sky with some white clouds...what a perfect picture...what a perfect day...

and i decided to move on....nothing is worth hanging on for so long...

The FeMale chauvinistic Society


Where is the world going to….we always talk about equality – equal rights for males and females, but what is the reality, care to think about that…

Are Women so driven by the male chauvinism that–

· they spend most of the time wondering if they are looking good,
· spend tons of money at the beauty parlours , undergoing torturous waxing and hair plucking sessions, lie blinded by cucumber on their eyes - with some absurdity on their faces, only hoping to come out looking better when they wash out the absurdity
· practically starving themselves to death
· avoid going out in the sun – or they may loose their complexion – cant enjoy any outdoor games in the bargain
· are miles away from sweets or chocolates- the best thing human-race has ever created
· spend so much of time and money on buying clothes, purses, shoes, nail polish, make-up stuff, diet food, fruits, vitamin tablets, junk jewellery…..
· go for dinners but hardly eat anything
· the list goes on and on….

But then one may ask, who is forcing them to undergo the above……they are free to eat anything, look the way they want to look like, wear what they want, laugh out loud and not always give the sheepish lady-like smile, dance like crazy at parties – not bothering what anyone is saying or looking at you with disdain…..

The truth is a woman’s biggest dictator, competition, threat is another woman – and a woman is always competing against other women…..males chauvinism come second…..a woman is always trying to out-do another woman

· oh she has the latest collection of clothing….why not me
· oh she got a new hair-cut and people are complementing her…..why not me
· oh she looks so great, slim and perfect…..why not me, even if I have to starve myself to get there
· oh she has a new bag / shoes / watch / …..why not me
· oh she is friends with this dude…why not me – if not the same guy, then someone close to him
· oh she visits this famous parlour……why not me
· oh she drives this car…..why not me – or probably a better model
· oh she goes for dinner to this place – why not me
· oh she hangs out at this happening disc – why not me
· the list again goes on and on…..with all woman ending up as perfect clones of each other

And those who do not get in this race / constant competition, are left out – they are lost in the flood of other faces……their existence is ignored, they are there to do the dirty work, outcast by their own clan, male colleagues avoid hanging-out with the non-happening women team members……
So what kind of a life does a woman really want to live – be the complete woman, connect to the her inner child, or the past when curves were considered to be the bench-mark of beauty, when eating with family and friends was the norm, when a man fell in love with a woman’s soul and not her skin, when a woman’s uniqueness was her biggest asset, when luxury and necessity were very clearly differentiated…….

I don’t know……cause I want to belong to the second type……but don’t know if I am allowed to do that……

Questions - some mine, some not mine


· Would you prefer a hot and happening girl who doesn’t wash her hands after using the washroom or a grounded and realistic girl who washes her hands and keeps the environment germ free??
· Would you prefer a grey/white haired guy who makes you smile or a dude who pisses you off in a couple of minutes??
· Do you prefer being seen with the good looking happening crowd – even though they are complete idiots or with people with whom you are comfortable to talk with and like minded individuals??
· Do you believe in love at first sight – especially with someone in office – where you have to politically correct always??
· Do you want to abuse your senior colleague out loud and let the whole-world know what an ass hole he/she is or smile your way out of everything??
· Do you feel that you are highly under-paid and others are highly-overpaid??
· Do you feel like finishing off tomorrows work today, and when you do that, do you wonder what will you do tomorrow??
· Do you feel that you have so much work that it will never end??
· Do you go crazy / insecure on days when you have comparatively less work and more leisure time, wondering why you are not glued to your system as other days??
· Are you infatuated by someone and wait for that person to be alone at the water-cooler and rush there to get a chance to talk to him/her – even though you not thirsty and your bladder if full to the max.??
· Do you get impressed by someone at first and soon realize in the next couple of days that that person is a complete fool??
· Are you in doubt of your ability for wit and humour when speaking to senior colleagues??
· Are you still in the habit to call your senior colleagues as Sir and Mam??
· Do you see yourself in your senior colleagues position in a couple of years – with plans to enslave others – as is being done to others??
· Are you a perfectionist and abhor others who are not – always comparing your work and presentations to theirs??
· Are you a TDP – Technology Disabled Person – always asking for others help to do things??
· Are you so moody – that people find it difficult to decide when is the right time to approach you??
· Have you by now mastered the art of fake smiles – and become so good at it, that you even fool yourself at times??
· Do you forget the names of people, and while talking to them you look at their ID card more then their faces??
· Are you the flag-bearer of the clean-desk policy – to such an extent that to keep your desk clean, you sometimes throw away imp. stuff, only to realize later??
· Are you obsessed with self-grooming and think lowly of people who are not well-groomed??
· Are you planning to visit the ENT doctor – because long hours on the telephone are affecting your hearing – or that’s what you think??
· Do you begin your day with talking to Singapore, Pakistan, UAE, UK, Africa and end with South Africa – and by now you can even understand the accent of a cockroach??
· Are you no longer afraid of escalations??

!!!!Very Interesting!!!!



MOM....Happy Mothers Day



even if i wrote a thousand words, they would not be enough....my mom...my best friend, my guide, my philosopher, my yes machine, my Saviour....i only wish i could be the same kind of mother to my kids...

00:30 of 8th may '10


it's 00:30 in the morning of 8th of May....and i cant sleep...I am listening to romantic songs...have i done it again... :-))

when someone wants to give you gyan..they'll say - "hum is duniya mein akale aaye hain, akele hi jayenge"...agreed we come and go alone - but what abt in between...do we have to be alone then too..makes me smile when i write this..

Loneliness is the biggest white collared disease i guess of our age..I am a lonely soul (too late to make a confession - but its true)

I am surrounded by people in the bus, at office, on the roads, at airports, at railway stations - and yet i always feel lonely..I smile but at what, i laugh with people-but have i heard them well or am i laughing because others are...

my parents are looking for a guy for me...and as i write this, there is the tanishq adv on television - when the father tells his daughter "marriage is a good thing"....will write more about that when i finally find the guy, marry and then will write about the after-effects...
i want to munch smthg unhealthy..when amir khan comes on television and is giving out extra-large t-shirts to people munching oily stuff - reminds me i have to start my exercising routine from tomorrow..my sick leave is now done..

i will now post the above...without reading it once...i have really wanted to post smthg i never read once to check for any errors...what can i say, its 00:40 in the morning on 8th of May and i am listening to romantic songs...

2010 - all is well


i am on a train which is running 14 hrs late, we are out of food, the pantry car has no stocks left, am having a bad case of cold after partying out till 4am on new yr......

Yet all is well........well bcoz i am blogging after about 8 mths, my true love:.....on my bros mobile, this seems to be a gud enough start to the yr......rest on my other blogs

2010 -


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  • throughout i have realised that i usually have a different(lateral) opinion about things, this is i guess what makes me who I am....i love my family and my close group of friends and try to spend as much time with them as i can....i cant hold any grudges against anyone and the word anger comes last in my dictionary....i aspire to do something different in my life....though i have not yet figured it out too well...
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