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::::::::: Its My LifE :::::::::

this blog is about what i think and feel...the absurdities and the not so common-sense...it all comes directly from the heart

home......meri jaan


google is something awesome that happened to mankind......
was watching the news when came upon a news item about how terrorists had mis-used "google earth" to get confidential information.
what a shame, humans have always found ways of destroying the most beautiful things ever built, and they have done it again.

well i too have used it......and what we see is my world......the one i love and feel proud enough to share with you all

sleepless in Seattle........nah just joking


Well that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Guess haven’t slept in a couple of days, reason being once I am in bed thousands, no millions of thoughts come pouring down.

Ranging from what I shall speak in my next big conversation with dad on the big thing to when r the carrots coming up to what will I put down in my will, when will I bungi-jump the next time…………there r numerous of them.

Well the good thing is that because of this syndrome a person like me who hates to play games on the mobile phone has now practically become addicted to it. My cell has nearly 16 games and by the way I am going it wont be long before I master all of them.



A confession…….”I hate doctors”.

Lately they have not even let go of a single opportunity to try and make my life miserable, for whatever wrong I have done…
They tend to specialize in the art of how to make life unpleasant for people. I hate their if’s and but’s and could have been’s…..
I mean a normal mortal can also figure out those, so why do we need to pay thousands of rupees just to hear it from a doctor. Guess being the elite class that they are, normal mortals have been cursed upon by the doc gods to pay their doc mortals for all the crap they are capable to blurt out every time they open their big, selfish, money munching mouths.

An example.

Doc: u see the scans and mri show that the part of brain which has been injured, will leave u changed for ever.
N: hows that possible. I don’t see any change in myself.
Doc: u will soon notice major mood swings, right from being suicidal to being as happy as a child on the smallest issues and also……………..(a lot of other crap).
N: I don’t think that is new. I have been moody for as long as I can remember.
Doc: u don’t get it. It will come up gradually and might as well effect your life in the long run. Moreover u will need to take life long medicines for the headaches and nausea.
N: I don’t think I want to take the medicines anymore. All u are giving me are sleeping pills. If I have to keep taking the pills, as you had told in our first meeting itself why you have wasted my time for all these months. Can you tell me any one thing new that you have come up with to help in the so called recovery?

At this point the m***n turns to the parents for help. And somehow parents tend to blindly believe the morons when it’s got something to do with their kids.

So u see, I hate doctors. They might be good-looking, with an occasional good sense of humor, with a rare twinkle in their eyes……..but let us not get confused by these superficial features……deep down they are all the same……..m****s.

Jena u r a CELEBRITY now


this video was shot by me with my mobile(reason being so sweaky) at ccd,kolkata, ocassion being one of those boring evenings when people decide to hang out together, to rid each other away from the boredom and loneliness associated with being a single,working person,staying all alone in a big-big city......and for no reason i have put it on you-tube..........common jena i've kind of tried to make u a celebrity

just listen


i've lately been obsessed with you-tube.......this song particularly has been my favourite for as long as i can remember......just want to share it with all



Yesterday was watching a serial called "4" on Sab Tv and found a strange resemblance to the life that was.....

Santosh Kumar Jena, Joydeep Bhattacharya, Nidhi Narayan, Rajesh Kumar Rana and then Jagriti Chowdhury came along

Of course we had Sanjiv Roy and Poonam Pitty........the occassional visitors.....padhaku kinds

Miss U.........ALL


I miss you
Miss you so bad
I don't forget you
Oh it's so sad
I hope you can hear me
I remember it clearly
The day you slipped away
Was the day i found
It won't be the same............

I miss you

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  • I'm Nidhi
  • From India
  • throughout i have realised that i usually have a different(lateral) opinion about things, this is i guess what makes me who I am....i love my family and my close group of friends and try to spend as much time with them as i can....i cant hold any grudges against anyone and the word anger comes last in my dictionary....i aspire to do something different in my life....though i have not yet figured it out too well...
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