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::::::::: Its My LifE :::::::::

this blog is about what i think and feel...the absurdities and the not so common-sense...it all comes directly from the heart

00:30 of 8th may '10

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it's 00:30 in the morning of 8th of May....and i cant sleep...I am listening to romantic songs...have i done it again... :-))

when someone wants to give you gyan..they'll say - "hum is duniya mein akale aaye hain, akele hi jayenge"...agreed we come and go alone - but what abt in between...do we have to be alone then too..makes me smile when i write this..

Loneliness is the biggest white collared disease i guess of our age..I am a lonely soul (too late to make a confession - but its true)

I am surrounded by people in the bus, at office, on the roads, at airports, at railway stations - and yet i always feel lonely..I smile but at what, i laugh with people-but have i heard them well or am i laughing because others are...

my parents are looking for a guy for me...and as i write this, there is the tanishq adv on television - when the father tells his daughter "marriage is a good thing"....will write more about that when i finally find the guy, marry and then will write about the after-effects...
i want to munch smthg unhealthy..when amir khan comes on television and is giving out extra-large t-shirts to people munching oily stuff - reminds me i have to start my exercising routine from tomorrow..my sick leave is now done..

i will now post the above...without reading it once...i have really wanted to post smthg i never read once to check for any errors...what can i say, its 00:40 in the morning on 8th of May and i am listening to romantic songs...

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  • I'm Nidhi
  • From India
  • throughout i have realised that i usually have a different(lateral) opinion about things, this is i guess what makes me who I am....i love my family and my close group of friends and try to spend as much time with them as i can....i cant hold any grudges against anyone and the word anger comes last in my dictionary....i aspire to do something different in my life....though i have not yet figured it out too well...
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