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::::::::: Its My LifE :::::::::

this blog is about what i think and feel...the absurdities and the not so common-sense...it all comes directly from the heart

the week that was

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this week i had the opportunity to meet someone special....technically shes my boss....but what a week it was....
wont write her name or put any pics, cause she doesnt like any internet presence...

anyways what is it about people which attracts us to them - its different for different people of course....but for me its:
*easy to go
*easy to spend time with
*just the feel good feeling of being in someones company

now this lady had all of it....so naturally anyone whould like her company...only one issue though was that, since this was her first time in India she was a little scared of the organized chaos here :-)
no worries though - next time i guess she will be more open to see the real India...hopefully i too will start driving by then....sounds exciting

so in all it was a week well spent....i would love to be buddies with her...but then she's my boss, from singapore....though i would love to, its really hard to find one like her....
as i sit on my train berth, on my way to jamshedpur to meet my parents, busy bloggig on my mobile, with the soft humming of the engine in my ears....i think about the week that was....

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  • I'm Nidhi
  • From India
  • throughout i have realised that i usually have a different(lateral) opinion about things, this is i guess what makes me who I am....i love my family and my close group of friends and try to spend as much time with them as i can....i cant hold any grudges against anyone and the word anger comes last in my dictionary....i aspire to do something different in my life....though i have not yet figured it out too well...
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