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this blog is about what i think and feel...the absurdities and the not so common-sense...it all comes directly from the heart

Farewell batch of '06

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"Koi loatade mere betein hue din"..........finally it was farewell night, an indicator that our stint at AIM is finally coming to an end and now what awaits us is the real world outside...........scarry and in the same time hopeful of making it big.

the juniors put up a good show, hope to come back during convocation..........a feeling of nostalgia has come over me...........this place has taught me a lot, given me probably the best of friends so far, given me a job.................but most importantly given me a dream................

i have selected a few photographs of my close friends to put in my blog.

the invitation & the theme "Protoganist"

Neha(harry potter), I(gabbar), Rajesh(alexander), Anand(swami),

Navneet(ocean 11), Joydeep(mr.cool), Rajesh(alexander)

Rajesh(alexander) & public behind

Poonam (anjali) and Santosh (ashoka)

Abhilasha(rani mukherjee-blind), Deepak(thake hare)

Narendra(junior), Rajesh(alexander), Santosh(ashoka), Rajpreet, Naveen(zorro)

Nitesh(bus yuhin), I(gabbar), Abhilasha(black), Vasudha mam, Neha mam

Neha(hp), Anand(swami), Sanjeev(hitler), Prabhat sir(srk)

3 Responses to “Farewell batch of '06”

  1. Anonymous Rajesh   

    hey gr8 pix.... thanx....

  2. Blogger Roy   


    but but but aap kahan hain?!!


  3. Anonymous Anonymous   

    hello every body nice photo graphs



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